About Me...

Obviously, I am a Total Dog Lover.

One of the things I hear over and over from my clients is this: "Michelle, you are so very patient, I don't know how you do it"! And to this I say "Every dog deserves to feel an atmosphere of safety, fun, and most of all to feel loved and enjoyed just for being who he/she is when in front of my camera, and this is not a test of my patience at all, it is simply something I LOVE to do"!

The best part of my day is to be in the studio with a furry new friend! I take a calm and slow approach to my sessions, never pressuring any animal to do something they are nervous about. I've learned ALL DOGS will eventually do something fantastic for the camera if they are having fun! As a result, sessions often end with me covered in slobbery kisses, fur and treat crumbs, laughing and enjoying it all!

I am proud to say that I am an award winning photographer and have had my images published in Shutter Magazine, and several local and national newspapers. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Delivering beautiful museum quality products and working hard for you with integrity, creativity, and honesty are just a few of the cornerstones of good business principles that I feel very strongly about.

My love for photography spans 25 years from when I first enrolled in photography courses. It was in 2010, after my kids were older, that I took the plunge and made it my business. I have never looked back!

I must confess, I am a total night person who still needs to be up early in order to accomplish all I hope to in the day. Which leads to my addiction to really great coffee! We have a coffee mug in our home that says

Starter Fluid

And it is pretty much the truth around here!

I love what I do, and I truly hope that my clients feel that throughout every encounter they have with my studio, myself, or my team!

I would LOVE to talk with you more!

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Meet The Gang at our House

Katniss the big grey rescue cat, and the best light test model ever! Harvest and Chloe (these 2 are a tag team of mischievous activity), and Mollie the rescue dog (who had some big paws to fill after Grissom), but she took on the challenge and has stolen our hearts! I mean c'mon....look at her!

A Look Inside Our Dog Friendly Studio!

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